Conceived as a safe alternative to carry out your events and training, eLive events space allows you to continue sharing experiences and knowledge and has hundreds of possibilities to generate relevant and interactive content.

It is a totally isolated space of 50m2 designed to solve the current barriers to events and is a risk-free alternative to online training. It guarantees the interaction and participation in real-time of up to 100 guests as well as it allows to amplify the possibilities of living experiences in virtual reality by being equipped with streaming technology capable of emitting 360º video, both through VR glasses and through the browser.

This space, located in Madrid, is equipped with robotic realization using 3 cameras, 1 giant 4-meter LED screen and 2 3×2 robotic screens and streaming connection for a total of up to 30,000 users. Space also allows the intervention of up to 8 interlocutors (1 local and 7 remotely) and has moderation software to facilitate the exchange of questions and the possibility of communicating in real-time with the interlocutor.

From eLive Events, you can share the content of the presentation in any screen format and it has reference monitors. The space is fully customizable both inside and out and can be rented for half or full days.