After our return from Euroshop 2020 on February 22, we realized the seriousness of the pandemic in Europe and we warned ourselves even though in Mexico it was not believed that it would impact in such a radical way.
We started by developing face shields for our staff with the first prototypes ready on March 3, we called a medical council to give us feedback on our design, and made the changes they asked for.

On March 6 we presented a final design and they gave us the final approval on the design and placed an order for 1,000 units. From that moment on, our objectives were:
1. Create a product with our own resources that will safeguard our employees and our job
2. Join the battle against COVID-19 to lessen the spread in some way.
3. Make donations to Public Health Institutions, orphanages and homes.

On March 16 we received our first order for 30,000 face shields, our maximum production
capacity in-house.
We are currently preparing for the production of 250,000 face shields in collaboration with 3
other companies from different industries such as plastics, slippers and mattresses.
Currently we have developed 3 products:
1. Omega Shield 2. Safety Mat 3. SafeZone Marker

We are still developing two more products.
Check our webpage for more information and products: