The Exhibition Think Tank Club

The Exhibition Think Tank Club (ETT Club) is a worldwide Exhibition Industry e-platform to network, discuss & continue helping the industry to move forward and upward.
Members are industry peers from different sectors and countries gathering together and sharing their expertise, vision and insights (individual, team or company membership options). The Club was initially founded by MBB, and UFI quickly joined the initiative as a major partner to help pushing innovation further.
Our membership model is open and welcomes everybody of the exhibition industry who wants to join the journey of innovation in the exhibition industry. The “basic membership model” is free of charge and enables members to join groups, sprints, think tanks and sometimes Netucation sessions. Gold Members get additionally access to all ETT reports, prioritised allocation in think tanks and exclusive access to Netucation sessions in return of a small membership fee. We also offer special groups for students and welcome the next generation either free of charge or with a heavy “next gen” discount as gold member.
Please support the Exhibition Think Tank Club as a media partner, a company member, an enterprise member or as a sponsor. Or simply sign up as a member.

The ETT Club offers a range of different networking options:

Focus groups

We have defined the six focus topics “Event Value Prop”, “Digital & AI”, “People, Skills & Training”, “Event Setup & Design”, “Event Marketing” and “Event Supplier” to stimulate and support ongoing discussions in the ETT Club. Each topic is served by focus groups that offer smaller and more inclusive way to share ideas. The focus groups can recommend topics for online sessions, sprints and think tanks, and offer a great networking club inside the club.

Online Sessions and panel discussion

We organise multiple online sessions to discuss, review and analyse relevant topics in the exhibition industry. This is done via different formats such as panel discussions, report reviews, expert Q&A sessions, or reviews of previous think tanks. We assemble these sessions always in an interactive style that provides plenty of room for all participants to join the discussion and network in the industry.

Sprints and Think Tanks

We have established the formats “sprints” and “think tanks” to dive deeper into exhibition topics such as “hybrid events”, “inclusive leadership” etc. and go the extra mile to discuss industry challenges. These topics are assembled by a series of up to three online sessions with group working phases in-between. Focus groups can send teams into the think tanks. Think tanks always end by presenting all group work results and providing a topic report with deeper analysis and insights. 

Netucation sessions

This format provides a platform for education and networking. The mission of these sessions is “20 minutes education, 20 minutes group work and 20 minutes discussion = 100% networking”. Our aim is to give quick and targeted access to actual education content and review it with the participants. This format is normally limited and available for Gold Members.


In the report library, the user can find all think tank, sprints and sessions’ ETT reports. This session is exclusively built for gold member. We also publish MBB and UFI reports which are often discounted for basic and gold member. The library can be used as a true content resource to build future exhibition strategies and plans.s.



For further information and feedback please contact us under [email protected]

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