What makes the IFES network so special?

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Jörg Zeissig

Jörg Zeissig

HOLTMANN + – Full-Service Provider Live-Communication


For Holtmann+ IFES is by far more than just another business and knowledge platform. IFES is the only networking organisation which is completely committed to the business associated with exhibit designers and providers of tradeshow services. IFES knows about the corresponding needs of our industry and is guaranteed to look out for its specific needs and interests..

IFES offers an international playground and brings together like-minded entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals. It generates the basis for honest, open and holistic partnerships and collaborations around the world. Being a part of the IFES family enables Holtmann+ to easily find a reliable partner in every continent, giving us the opportunity to serve every client we want with what they want, far beyond borders.

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