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05.03.2017 | IFES Press Releases

World Summit 2017. From 21st to 24th of June 2017 the IFES World Summit will take place in La Grand-Motte, Montpellier, France. It welcomes the industry with an event nobody would expect.

The IFES World Summit is the biggest and most important event that IFES offers to the exhibition and event industry. Simply put, it is also the largest international gathering of service providers for exhibitions and event services. To host the expected 250 participants, a mini university called the “Global Campus” will be created and dedicated to the common client of IFES members: the exhibitor.

It will be analyzed, how what we design affects the public, influences its choice and its decision making and therefore our industry’s work. Multi-disciplinary visions from around the world are invited to this global campus, to discuss and to share thoughts and analysis. The exhibitor’s perspective will be guiding along the summit.


Because we strongly believe collaboration is the best way to innovate and make challenges become opportunities, we help each other to get stronger and smarter. International cooperation allows us to support exhibitors in their global strategy. Furthermore, our national association guests wiII provide useful tips on how to exhibit in each country.

We will achieve more together, so share and connect.

Design & Engagement

Looking on new trends, we will find out why Return on Emotion is as important as Return On Investment as a KPI and for our clients. We will see how to develop this ratio and explore many disciplines, in order to find out how to succeed and engage our targeted audience.

Let’s be inspired by our featured guests.


To understand how business grows today and how it will do tomorrow is our common goal. Presentations wiIl show us what is driving our markets, how the current situation is like and how we better can access the markets. We will also get figures and insights on why and how exhibitors take their decisions. This will give us vision on better efficiency and improve our profitability.

Do not stay behind, pay attention to our outstanding analysis.


Great news! We are committed to sustainability and we learn to understand the bigger picture. Our best players will help to think, act and to provide tools to prepare a better impact.

Best practices for real world results.

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