We are thrilled to announce the launch of our much-anticipated 3rd ISO 20121 Training Convoy, a collaborative effort by IFES and .fwd Bundesvereinigung. This innovative program, developed in partnership with GUTcert from the AFNOR Group, and the consultants for 2bdifferent is set to empower Exhibition and Events industry professionals with the knowledge and tools to embrace sustainable practices. For the first time this training will be conducted in English.

Initial Training Convoys 1 and 2 saw the first twenty companies from the associations successfully on their way to certification in collaboration with 2bdifferent as a partner. IFES and .fwd have now acquired sufficient internal expertise to continue the convoy principle under the leadership of the associations themselves, with 2bdifferent remaining close at hand for intensive consulting topics.

🌍 Why ISO 20121?
ISO 20121, a globally recognized standard for sustainability management, addresses ecological, economic, and social aspects across the entire value chain. As sustainability becomes integral to the industry, this program offers a transformative journey toward ISO 20121 certification.


🚀 What Sets Our Program Apart?
Led by industry sustainability advocates Dominique Bohler (IFES) and Marko Roscher (.fwd:), the ISO 20121 Training Convoy is designed to be accessible and comprehensive. With a phased approach, participants can achieve the “Representative for sustainable event management according to ISO 20121” certification and ultimately progress to full ISO 20121 certification.


💡 Affordable Sustainability Education
Our program ensures sustainability education is accessible to industry practitioners, providing a competitive advantage while meeting the demands of consumers and financial institutions.


📅 Program Overview:

Two introductory three-day workshops to kickstart the year-long journey. (understanding the whole ISO standard and certifying participants as “Representative for sustainable event management according to ISO 20121”.)
5 information and exchange sessions throughout the year, revisiting specific points of the standard with practical advice on how to accomplish them and solutions- focused discussions around experiences, challenges and successes.
Optional internal audit towards the program’s end, in preparation for external third-party official certification.

Let’s drive positive change together! Join us in shaping a more sustainable future for the Exhibition and Events industry. Be part of the transformation and take a significant step toward a legacy that resonates for future generations.


📞 Join the Convoy Information Calls:

German Session: Thursday, 11th January 2024, at 11 am CET.
English Session: tbc
📧 Contact Dominique Bohler at [email protected] to secure your spot!


 Course Overview – German

 Course Overview – English

Detailed Information


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