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IFES directly represents nearly 20,000 exhibition and event service industry employees globally and works closely with its 14 national association members to facilitate opportunities for gaining knowledge and expanding global cooperation of its more than 300 registered members from all around the globe.

We believe that “Working Local” is the solution to a sustainable work ethic. Wherever in the world your event is, an IFES partner can assist, doing away with the need for transport and logistics and reducing your global footprint and environmental impact.

About us
Philippe Beille

Philippe Beille

IFES President

Expanding our Horizons

Looking back over my career, I realise that have invested 20 years of my life working towards sustainability within this industry. Most of the time, I was alone in my convictions amongst my peers, but I continued preaching best practice to industry players and trying to lead by example because I was absolutely convinced that this was the way forward.

So, did I manage to change the world on my own? Not really!

But now, as the President of IFES, I am honoured to have the backing of an entire community of likeminded colleagues who can help me to effect this change, and more. These IFES members are the partners whom I need to drive transformation, welcome new standards, and pave the way for the younger generation of exhibition professionals.

One of things that sets IFES apart is our member’s shared passion for the Exhibition and Events industry. I love the people in this industry. We respect and trust each other, and our global network expands our businesses through mutual support. Wherever we work in the world, there is a local, trusted IFES partner that can, and will, provide the services our customers need, at the same standards, with the same care and value that we ourselves would provide. Ours is a ‘family business’ with a fiercely loyal bond.

The IFES network stretches worldwide, but in the coming years we will turn our attention to areas that may be underrepresented to achieve a more even spread.

I am a firm believer that for our industry to remain viable, all of us, wherever we are, need to work together to coordinate the changes that we need to move us forward. As IFES members, with a genuinely “coopetitive”approach we realise that investing time in cooperating with our competitors and sharing knowledge, can only advance the industry and help us adapt to challenges as they arise.

Sustainability has been a key focus for us for some time but is an increasingly urgent issue. Of course, the fundamentals of our way of working form a bridge to take us into a more sustainable future. IFES members’ ability to work locally anywhere in the world removes the need to travel or transport equipment which significantly reduces our carbon emissions and environmental impact.

We have pledged our support for Net Zero Carbon Events and continue to ramp up our efforts, provide training and assist our members to embed sustainable practices into their organisations.

In short, we continue to broaden our horizons, because the wider our reach, the more effective and sustainable we become. Everyone is an important player within their own market, but being part of IFES expands your capabilities, generates more business and links you to a global community on which you can always rely.

We value your support. As always, we are better together than apart!

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