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Welcome to IFES,

The “global collaboration network”. That’s how we have chosen to explain what IFES is, in three words.

But to understand what IFES is you have to go into deeper detail. IFES represents more than 250 companies from around the globe. Each of these companies has signed the IFES Code of Conduct – a kind of constitution which rules the collaboration within the whole network. So, if an IFES partner serves the customer of another member, both, the customer and member know that they will be treated in a professional manner from a company upholding the highest of quality standards. This is a value-added member benefit that is hard to put a price on.

To enhance the number of partnerships within the IFES family, we are offering several opportunities to “get to know one another.” The most prominent is the IFES World Summit, which takes place every year in June. “Welcome to the Global Campus” was the theme for 2017 when we met in La-Grande-Motte, Montpellier. This year it will be in Chicago, June 27- 29.

My first trip in 2018 will take me to Las Vegas, to attend the Exhibitor Live. New this year at EXHIBITORLIVE is the IFES Global Village Pavilion. We call it the Global Village, because it’s like a good village where “residents” and visitors meet, exchange ideas, go on some projects together or just have a cup of coffee.

IFES Masterclass and IFES Certified Expert are two educational programs offered by IFES to ensure we have well-educated, global-thinking employees serving our industry.

After we started with the first  IFES Certified Expert in november 2017, we are of course curious when the graduation will take place as part of the World Summit.

“Support and be supported” – that is the general idea of the federation. And we are proud to be a part of it.
So see you hopefully soon – somewhere!

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