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IFES Member Directory – Find Your Reliable Partner!

      The IFES Member Directory  is a well used part of the IFES website. It is the perfect solution for companies looking for a partner or exhibitors looking for a service provider. Linked to the member list you can find a listing of al …

IFES Certified Expert Program in Macau

#IFES signed with Macau Fair & Trade Association a MOU to implement the IFES Certified Expert Program in Macau In today’s fast developing exhibition business, top managers stand out through sound strategic thinking and well – developed professional …

IFES MasterClass 2019 – 26 Days to go!

      Continuing education in the context of lifelong learning is a trend. The question of the right time and type makes many people hesitate. More important is: How do I become better at what I do, self-confident, convincing, authentic! …

“Being a part of the Global Village in 2017 provided us with connections and collaborations we might not otherwise have received!” – Cam Stevens, President & CEO StevensE3

“It created a meeting point and discussion opportunity for speaking about what we do, how we can help international partners exhibit within North America, and what our core competencies are. Many have commented since stating they met us at the “last EuroShop”.

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