IFES Research: Sustainability Survey within the IFES Community

IFES continues the series of research carried out among the IFES community by launching a large-scale survey on sustainability. All IFES members have received an invitation to participate to the Sustainability Survey, which will remain open over the next month.

With intensifying focus on the need to accelerate our actions in response to the threat of climate change and to promote greater sustainability within our industry, IFES is conducting this survey to find out where we stand as a community.

The Exhibition & Events industry has a strong response to the threat of climate change. The aim of the Sustainability Survey within the IFES Community is to accelerate the process of communication, collaboration and sharing of knowledge and best practices to propel our industry forward to being more sustainable.

Through this survey, we also hope to channel IFES members’ focus to review their stand on sustainability, especially if this has not been focused on within their organization yet.

The survey is a follow-up to the Joint Meetings industry Council (JMIC) “Net Zero Carbon Events” initiative, already signed by IFES and several dozen of its members. The Initiatives goal is to connect the events industry globally to the rapidly growing movement towards net zero by 2050. Over 20 IFES members have already took the pledge. The list is still opened, so we encourage all of you to be part of the solution by signing up here: netzerocarbonevents.org/initiative.

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