Beewan is a creative marketing communication agency from Amsterdam, well known for our experience campaigns.

Our full-service four-step methodology aligns strategy, design, implementation and ROI perfectly together in a hybrid world where digital and physical communications reinforce each other. We give our clients full control over their brand stories and bring their audience the best brand experience.

Together with the stakeholders we look at the brand, the moving market, target groups, ambitions, opportunities and threats. The outcome of these sessions is a compact strategic briefing document.

The strategic direction enables us to come up with different creative concepts. After a review, the selected concept is the basis of a successful experience campaign.

Our operational project management-based working method enables us to realize effectively physical, digital or hybrid events, exhibitions, experience campaigns or platform projects.

As an effect driven agency, the engagement factor or Beewan Return On Objective/Investment tools are instruments to evaluate the experience campaign objectively. To provide not only useful insights but also show opportunities.


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