Collaboration in Action: IFES Members Vision and Z3 Deliver Seamless Experience at WoCoVA Prague

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In the dynamic world of exhibitions and events, collaboration is not just a buzzword; according to the International Federation of Exhibition and Events Services (IFES) it’s the cornerstone of success. A recent collaboration between IFES members Vision (Greece) and Z3 Live Communication (Switzerland) at the WoCoVA Congress in Prague stands as a perfect example of the type of partnership prevalent within the IFES global network.

Setting the Stage: From Athens to Prague

Following the successful delivery of the biannual WoCoVA Congress by Vision in Athens in 2022, Vision was again entrusted with the role of the official exhibition contractor for the 2024 edition of the Congress in Prague. The challenge was sizable: to create a seamless experience for exhibitors, providing a myriad of services, including the design, implementation and approval of custom-made booths, modular packages, electrical, Wi-Fi, furniture and print requirements, hostess procurement and regulatory compliance amongst others.

Realising the importance of local experience in successfully meeting the scope of work, Vision brought on board fellow member Z3 Live Communication, a company which has extensive experience working in the Czech Republic. This strategic partnership laid the foundation for a collaborative effort that raised the standards of event execution on this Congress.

The Power of Collaboration: Trust and Transparency

Fuelled by their shared commitment to excellence, the teams at Vision and Z3 embarked on a journey marked by trust, transparency, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Several discussions and an onsite meeting successfully demonstrated the suitability of Z3 as a partner in executing the project.

Vision’s CEO Peter Theodorides emphasises the invaluable contributions of Z3, “Aside from the obvious benefits Z3 brought to the mix like local know-how, common delivery standards and assistance in overcoming language barriers, working with a trusted partner made sure that we were able to deliver a well-planned and organised job with a smile.”

Echoing this sentiment, Eric Grossmann, CEO of Z3, highlights the power of collaboration within the IFES network. “Trust is definitely the core on which we have built a successful collaboration. Despite being competitors, thanks to IFES, Vision and Z3 have first become partners and then friends. Sometimes we forget how collaboration helps us successfully deliver even the most complex projects. In this case, an Organiser from The Netherlands, a Congress Centre in Prague, Vision from Greece, Z3 from Switzerland, numerous Czech suppliers and, most importantly, global participation by over 30 exhibitors and 1,000 delegates came together to make this kind of congress possible. We can truly be proud of what we can create together in our live communication world.”

Thanks to their collective experience, expertise and respective long-term relations with local suppliers. Vision and Z3 were even able to help the customer find cost-effective solutions in areas like catering which is not a core competence.

Empowering the Next Generation: Learning by Doing

Aside from the successful execution of the event, and in line with IFES ethos of empowering the next generation, the collaboration between Vision and Z3 provided a unique opportunity for the next generation of leaders to hone their skills on a project at scale. Ella Grossmann and Kelly Theodorides, daughters of the organisations’ CEOs, active members in their respective organisations and members of the IFES Talent Team, played integral roles throughout the project.

Reflecting on her experience, Kelly Theodorides, Junior Project Manager at Vision, focused on the importance of hands-on learning. “Being a part of this project gave me a better understanding of the process from beginning to end and the key role experience plays in problem-solving at every level,” she shares.

“This project’s all about finding project management nirvana – you know, smooth sailing for both of us. I was used to flying solo for since stepping in the industry, so having a partner (especially Kelly, who’s practically my age!) is a breath of fresh air. We’ve been learning tons, facing challenges, and most importantly, having a blast. Definitely a repeat offender situation!” elaborates Ella Grossmann, Z3’s Project Manager for International Exhibitions. “Oh, and the best part? Turns out our countries have totally different work styles. Both are hands-on hustlers, but with totally unique approaches. Finding the middle ground was a challenge for sure, but the results? Super cool, super interesting, and not only did we crush the project, but we scored a new friend out of it too!

Thanks to the teamwork and communication skills we’ve honed on this project, we’re feeling confident about spreading the word about connecting IFES AND ITT even closer together! Big thanks to our parents for always supporting our growth!”

“We all know that experience comes from practice. For Peter and me, it was clear that this congress was an excellent opportunity for Ella and Kelly to gain additional experience on the international exhibition scene,” adds Eric.

Celebrating Success: A Testament to IFES Values

As this successful partner collaboration closes, Vision and Z3 stand as examples of the IFES ethos: collaboration, innovation, and excellence. Together, they have not only delivered an exceptional event but have also demonstrated the power of partnership within the IFES global network, set a new standard for collaboration, left an indelible mark on the industry and inspired future generations to embrace the spirit of partnership.




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