IFES’ Global Village concept has developed as a unique and effective way for IFES members to showcase their products and services to customers as a community.

The 17 members collectively exhibiting with IFES at this year’s Global Village at EuroShop 2023 represent companies from across the USA, Europe, UAE, Asia, Africa, and India, so EuroShop Visitors have the opportunity to ‘meet the world in one place’. IFES extensive global network enables us to work locally, everywhere in the world through our partners, reducing the need to travel and promoting a more sustainable way of working.

The 2023 IFES Global Village is located in the intensive, unique and inspiring Expo & Event Marketing Dimension, directly across from the Expo & Event stage. Our Village is clustered around a central Lounge meeting area, so invite your customers and colleagues to drop in for a coffee and a chat to see how this effective global network can assist them with their projects around the globe.

Our Exhibitors

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