Register for the Evening at the “Heuriger” (Viennese wine tavern), Friday, June 26th 2015

08.05.2015 | IFES Press Releases, News

Enjoy a relaxed evening at a typical Viennese wine tavern, a so called “Heuriger”. While you listen to Viennese folkmusic (Schrammelmusik), you will enjoy a variety of cold and warm specialities and the homemade wine or grape juice.

We will pick you up near your hotel and take an oldtimer tram to the outskirts of Vienna. In Stammersdorf, a village of its own for many centuries but now part of the growing city, you can still see the typical wine cellars and wineyards along the hills.

Private buses will take you back to your hotel.


Evening at the “Heuriger”: Friday, June 26th, 19:00
Price: € 105,00 incl. oldtimer tram, dinner and beverages, bus transfer
Please send us your Order Form to [email protected].


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