Yesterday, Wednesday in Berlin/Germany, around 10,000 people from the events industry  demanded immediate talks and financial help. Among them, IFES Executive Director Uta Goretzky and many IFES members.
“Globally, the event industry was pulled the plug in spring. Now individual countries or even smaller units such as  municipalities are busy initiating and implementing security measures. And these are changing at regular intervals. In such a situation, as it was no longer possible to plan in advance, exhibitors withdrew from the fairs and events and used other sales channels. That’s understandable, but for event service providers it’s a disaster, because it’s tantamount to a professional ban. That is why companies in the sector need support in the form of aid payments. When farmers receive state aid because of weather conditions, that is normal for many governments. When exhibition service providers complain about “crop failures” through no fault of their own, there is no support at all  We need dialogue and support!”

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