“INNOVATE & COMMUNICATE: AI TOOLS & INTERCULTURAL STRATEGIES”, in partnership with the Greek Meetings Alliance, presents a focused two-day Master Class designed to provide the tools and insights to master intercultural communication and storytelling. It offers practical learning opportunities to deepen participants’ understanding of global exhibition practices as well as enhance their professional growth and effectiveness.

MasterClass 24 – Europe will leave you with improved capabilities for engaging with your live international colleagues as well as with your virtual friend, AI. At the same time your selling and presentation skills will have been upgraded.

All of these benefits, seasoned with delicious local Mediterranean flavour….who could resist?

Expect to:

  • Navigate the intricacies of intercultural communication. Gain a deeper understanding of how cultural nuances and personal interactions shape communication.
  • Use AI tools to enhance creativity and engagement. Understand the potential of AI in amplifying creativity and refining concepts for visually compelling and coherent pitches.
  • Craft compelling narratives that resonate across cultures and captivate diverse audiences. Effectively communicate your brand’s message and values, capture your audience’s attention, and create memorable experiences.
  • Exchange effective strategies, innovative solutions, and lessons on resilience, adaptability, and creative problem-solving, to learn from both successes and failures.
  • Develop essential knowledge on doing business in the US, Europe, and the Far East. Learn about global business dynamics, explore practical strategies for successful market penetration, and gain confidence in negotiating the complexities of international trade.

IFES continues to expand its working relationships with industry stakeholders to prioritise the provision of educational resources and opportunities for members. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in your professional development and secure your place today!

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