Expo Stars Interactive is an award-winning trade show performance agency. We support exhibitors worldwide to engage more trade show visitors at their event booth, convert them into qualified sales leads, raise brand awareness and deliver measurable trade show results. We help deliver a unique, captivating booth experience, focused on engaging and educating your attendees:

Before the event: creating a compelling exhibition strategy, plan the attendee journey, set your objectives, upskill your team.
During the event: execute your engagement strategy with professional booth staff who can attract, engage and qualify prospects and facilitate interactive experiences.
Post event: defining your follow-up process & measure your ROI

We also offer interactive engagement tools, including assessment scorecards and interactive games, that can be used at live exhibitions as well as hybrid and virtual events and webinars.

We offer personalised Masterclasses and Workshops, and booth staff training based on our Trade Show Engagement Optimization (TEO) Frame work for exhibition success.

Since its launch in 2007, Expo Stars has managed over 3,000 projects in more than 100 cities across 53 countries and built up a worldwide network of over 2,500 engagement professionals.

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