Feedback and Comments on the CEFA Professionals Seminar / IFES Next Generation Leader Forum 2015

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Thank you very much for hosting such a great event, I have learnt a lot and will definitely remember this trip as one of my best. It was great meeting people from all over to share our ideas and interests in the industry, the talks were very interesting and I enjoyed seeing the exhibition industry from another point of view. Naturally the highlight was the visit to Expo Milano, it was amazing to see what can be done in such a short space of time. The pavilions where out of this world! It was wonderful to meet new friends and I hope that I will have the opportunity in the future to see everyone again.

Henriette Dodgen, Scan Display Johannesburg, South Africa


Thank you so much for this well-organized seminar and the varied, attractive program. The main theme “Expo Milan” was present in each moment and created a special atmosphere in these days in Pordenone.

I highly appreciated the communicative experiences and cross-culture exchange. The idea combining the CEFA and IFES members was absolutely worthwhile and should be further developed.

Annegret Goldhan, Messe München, Germany


The NGL Forum was a stunning chance for me for networking and for exchanging experiences with colleagues from the industry. I am sure to meeting the one or other again soon at a trade fair. I see a big advantage in the fact that CEFA and IFES have joined their forces – fantastic conversations resulted from that move. It was exciting getting to know each other´s perspective. Of course my personal highlight was the Expo visit in Milan. By arranging easy access for us we could manage to visit in only one day numerous pavilions.

Ines Hauser, Türke Messedesign, Balingen, Germany


I was very impressed by the well prepared organization of CEFA Professionals Seminar 2015. The organizers did an excellent job offering us an outstanding program during the three days of the seminar.

I experienced a great working atmosphere, interesting presentations and an exciting trip to EXPO Milano 2015 – thanks to the hospitality of this year’s host Pordenone Fiere. Having IFES NGL Forum connected with CEFA Professionals Seminar it has brought up some really useful contacts.

Kim Kumer, Messe München, Germany


Dear Karla, It was a warm welcome, many thanks again to all partners in Pordenone, also to Janos, Franz and specially you. The interactive game to get to know each other works easy and well. And it gave everyone the feeling to be a part of the group. The lecture you gave us about storytelling, made us more sensible for the visit of the EXPO next day and maybe for future work!

The day in Milano on EXPO was so good organized, we saw that many pavilions, we got very good guided tours and it was great to have a short rest in the German VIP lounge.

The last day was full of really good presentations. The task to find a good story on a pavilion in Milano and to make a presentation of it was presented by each little group. The winner was the team who visited the South Korean pavilion. Their presentation was professional and in form and content interesting. I was in the group to visit the Kazakhstan pavilion. So it was very exciting and fascinating to listen to Mr. de Taranto, the architect of that pavilion. Many thanks again, it was a successful seminar and forum in Pordenone.

Rita Liening-Ewert, Modulbox mo systeme, Berlin, Germany


I think it was a great idea to take the chance and integrate the visit of Expo Milano 2015 into the program of the seminar. I found it specifically interesting to look at the exhibition in terms of “storytelling”, being an effective marketing tool and the theme of this year’s event! Many thanks again!

Christina Maier, Messe München, Germany


Hello Karla, It was a pleasure to meet you and to participate in the CEFA seminar. The past three days were filled with emotions, new acquaintances and interesting information. Your presentation was very interesting and I will be glad to share my impressions of it with my colleagues. I managed to find new friends and I think that role play and presentations were very interesting and useful for me. Thanks again.

Plamen Metodiev, International Expo Center Sofia, Bulgaria


I have enjoyed the CPS/NGL Forum 2015, indeed, and found it very inspiring. Visiting the Expo was definitively a highlight in my `trade show life´. Thanks a lot for the organization and this opportunity!

Cathleen Speerschneider, GHM München, Germany


Dear Karla, I’d like to express my appreciation to you and to everybody else involved in the organization of the CPS 2015 & NGL Forum 2015. The topics that were discussed were very interesting and it was a great experience for me. According to me the combination of CPS and NGL Forum was very useful and was a very good opportunity for creating new contacts.

Krasimir Stoilov, International Expo Center Sofia, Bulgaria


Dear János, Dear Franz, I would like to thank you again for the kind invitation for the CEFA Professionals Seminar 2015 in Pordenone, the excellent organisation, meaningful programme with the possibility of visiting the EXPO MILANO 2015. I liked also very much the moderator Karla Juegel, her personality, professionality and care significantly increased the level of the event. Special thanks to Pordenone Fair for the professional venue and for hosted CEFA and IFES team – spiced with the sense of the typical Italian lifestyle. I wish you further success and good cooperation!

Ildikó Molnár,  CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, Budapest


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