At Fractal Design, we develop projects focused on the design of commercial exhibition and ephemeral architecture, corporate events, stands, pavilions, pre-decorated and showrooms.

In our trajectory of more than 23 years in the Latin American and European market, we have produced projects of great impact in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Puerto Rico, USA, Mexico and Guatemala, among others, and we have production capacity in other countries abroad such as Spain, France, Germany, Egypt, Russia, China, among others.

In this way, we understand, create and solve the projects that come into our hands, supported by consultative sales, conceptual design, a perfectly meshed productive structure and personalized customer service. Our main objective is the commercial success of our clients.

We work from Committees: Innovation, Marketing, Sales, Design, Production and Administration, where each of the members has a proactive participation in generating ideas and actions aimed at satisfying the objectives and needs of our customers.

We will be attentive to serve you with pleasure and make your commercial expectations come true with our help.

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