Global tension fabric giant, Moss, took first prize. Their product submission presented an exclusive 100% recycled fabric produced for the Global Exhibition market. SustainaTex Ocean Fabric is produced entirely from upcycled plastic (including marine plastic) and recycled polyester, giving marketers an opportunity to activate their brand in a sustainable way. Moss has signed a license agreement with the SEAQUAL initiative, a community that works with ocean clean‐up programs, to transform recovered marine plastic into SEAQUAL yarn. The company has also removed all PVC from their gaskets and ships all SEG fabrics in recyclable bags made of 100% recyclable material.

Taking this development even further, Moss offsets all carbon associated with their production activities in the US and in Europe through a German carbon consulting company, ClimatePartner, so that the production method of this fabric is truly carbon neutral.

Judges comment – This product sends a clear signal to our industry that there are superior options that we can use in many of our projects to improve sustainability. The action of taking waste from the sea and turning it into something useful touches many of us personally, and in fact Moss may have already made their mark on the judges as we will be looking out for this material to incorporate into our own projects. SustainaTex is a good solution to using waste from the sea. It may not be the final answer, but it is a good solution to take us a step forward.

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