It was wonderful to have you there, it was good to see you: virtually or in person on site!

It was a great experience to be „back to live“ with 40 members on site and over 100 online. A hands on demonstration of a hybrid event. All the hallmarks and tactile qualities of a conference as we know it.

A big thank you to all who joined! This would not have been possible without the sensational implementation by deutschewerbewelt, Holtmann+ and ICT. Thank you for your support Duo Display, JMT and VOKDAMS 

Han Leenhouts led confidently and entertainingly through the program, which started with a lively panel discussion about the re-opening of trade shows after the COVID19 lockdown with Barbara Weizsäcker (EMECA), Jörn Holtmeier (AUMA), Kai Hattendorf (ufi) , Dr Andreas Gruchow (Dt Messe Hannover) and Nils Passoter (Weidmüller GmbH & Co KG, Detmold).

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