If you are interested in learning about the exhibition and event industry around the globe – Exchange ideas and Insights of our Industry – Experience cultural and Business aspects, similarities and differences or you would like to offer this ….

The IFES Global Exchange Program is a unique learning platform to create new international contacts within the industry. It helps to build relationships with partner firms. Participants will gain new perspectives on Design, Detailing, Project Management and Sales. Attending the GEE Program means “Work in a team environment that will encourage open mindedness, team-work, compromise and skill sharing”. Participants will enjoy work and social cultural experiences, while improving language and work related skills. And – beside direct costs, participants have to bare, it is free of charge.

  • IFES GEE is an open exchange program for everyone, whether you look for an Internship or an Intern. This Program brings together next generation people and companies
  • Involving IFES members.

Further information can be found on IFES website https://www.ifesnet.com/ifes-global-experience-exchange/

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