Interform is a pioneering turnkey provider of exhibition and architectural environments. Headquartered in Greece, with sales offices in Germany and China, we provide integrated marketing solutions for companies, public organizations and organizers on a global scale. 35 years of successful presence in the exhibition market and the relevant experience are our fundamental assets.

As part of the services offered to customers, Interform undertakes the planning, organization, construction of the projects in privately owned production facilities, and their implementation worldwide, within a very challenging timeframe.

Τhe ongoing cooperation with selected exhibition companies and the participation in OSPI, the global network of certified exhibition companies, ensure that Interform can timely and effectively realize projects anywhere in the world.

Interform facilitates the communication needs of its customers, wherever and whenever they occur, providing the capabilities and experience required for their effective presence. We create communication spaces to highlight the identity, values, ideas and products of our partners.

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