What is the IFES Development + Innovation Award

The IFES Development + Innovation Award (IDIA) honors products, projects and services that represent outstanding new developments for the trade fair and event industry. The focus here is on the benefits in daily use as well as innovative strength, cost-effectiveness and sustainable use.

The IFES Innovation Award focuses on the development, planning and use of special materials, outstanding management production processes and innovative services. The entries can be groundbreaking innovations, clever further developments, outstanding implementations as well as visionary plans and studies that stand out from the crowd. The award is aimed not only at developers of products or solutions, but also at companies that have cleverly used development. The award winners will be known for their high quality and innovative strength.

Aim of the award

The IFES Development and Innovation Award pursues the goal of strengthening the innovative power of the industry, making developments accessible to a broad public and thus ensuring the success of trade fairs and events. The award also helps to put the IFES’s achievements more in the spotlight.

Who can submit

Submissions for the IFES Innovation Award are welcome:

  • Designers, developers, manufacturers of products and services
  • Users who have used a product or service in a realized project

Categories of the IDIA

Entries can be submitted in more than just one Category. Entry fee occurs per submission.


This is about a product innovation or further development of an existing product which, through its use, simplifies daily life, increases efficiency and/or opens up design possibilities.

Management / Production Process

This involves new and changed management and/or manufacturing processesthat increases the value of ESG (Environment/Social/Governance) aspectsin a companywith the consequence of higher efficiency, better CSR, reduction of the carbon footprint and/or higher transparency in management decisions.


This is about a service that simplifies processes, increases customer loyalty, increases efficiency, and increases the sustainability…

Out of the Box

This is about disruptive solutions that change communication before, during or after trade fairs. Not only ready-made solutions are welcome in this category, but also creative approaches and concept developments. This category is explicitly open to young people.

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