20-year-old dual student, Nathalie Werner, hails from Magdeburg, east of Germany and has been with the IFES Management Office since October 22. Her detail-oriented, solutions-focused approach has turned out to be a great asset to the event planning team of IFES and a blessing in the administrative aspects.

Nathalie is mostly involved in assisting with upcoming Projects, such as the upcoming Euroshop Global Village, BOE and World Summits  and her high level of patience and perseverance (honed during her year of au pair work in New York, no doubt) is exactly what is needed in this area.

People who know me would say that I am very organised and that I love to make lists for really just about everything,” she says. “During my year abroad, I realised I wanted to work in an international profession, where I would work with all kinds of clients and in different languages. Through IFES, I can not only do that, but realise my studies in event management at the same time. I am also really impressed by IFES efforts regarding sustainability. I am sure, as IFES, we can have an impact in this direction.”

Natalie’s quiet, strong presence in the IFES Office is calming and her personal motto “enjoy the little things in life” reminds her teammates to stop and breathe once in a while.

Her love for travel, cooking and reading fills her spare time, but what you might not know is that she is trained as a lifeguard with many years of swimming training behind her.

Good to know, Nathalie… we haven’t needed that skill at IFES yet, but you never know. 😊

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