In May, we are excited to welcome a new face to the IFES Management Office. We asked Project Manager – Audrey Broianigo a couple of questions to help us get to know her better.

What was your background before IFES?
I worked mainly in South of France, in the tourism industry, yachting, and aeronautics. Mainly as account/project manager and head of operations, but always customer-oriented.

What is your role in IFES ?
I am project manager and here to create and/or maintain long-lasting relationships with our members as well as organising events such as World Summits. I also look after all the administrative background.
One thing for sure, I will never get bored !

Where did you grow up?
I was born in France but I grew up in Asia.I had the chance to go the Kaohsiung American School in Taiwan, which is where I learned English and discovered so many different nationalities and cultures. It is still nowadays the best experience of my life.

What languages do you speak?
French is my mother tongue, I speak English, and I learned Spanish and Mandarin Chinese in High School when I studied Foreign Languages and International Trade. At the moment I am learning German as well.

What is your work ethic/motto?
Honesty, resilience and hard work.
Honesty : I believe it is important to always be honest with yourself and with others.
Resilience : There is always a good side to every bad situation, something to learn about others, or about yourself. Always an occasion to understand yourself better and become your higher self.
Hard Work : No matter how smart or capable we are, we should work hard every day to achieve our goals.

What are you looking forward to your new role?
Becoming mini-Uta 😂
No, seriously, I look forward to gathering all the knowledge and experience to be able to perform in this industry and combining this with my personality to become the person of trust for our members.

Welcome to the IFES family, Audrey!!! We look forward to meeting you in person at the World Summit.


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