Widely creative, artistic, and knowledgeable, XS Worldwide offers enhanced experiences with immersive spaces and environments to build deeper and more authentic connections between exhibiting brands and end users.

This experiential Marketing agency is focused on creating a more experiential future by utilising varying technologies to build solutions that evoke curiosity. We are designers, storytellers & a one-stop solution filled with years of useful experience in designing exhibition spaces.

With 25 years of experience in trade shows, we have elevated our legacy in the creation of immersive experiences assisted by experiential tech and we are looking forward to enhancing the same. We are not only creating exhibition spaces but also adding the magic of experiential technology to serve a better experience to the customers of our clients.

Experiential Design:

We inculcate experiential technology into exhibits to make them immersive and interactive. The experiential spaces we create have a 360-degree holistic experience that generates more ROI (Return on Investment) and CX (Customer Experience) for our clients.

Our designs are customizable as per the requirements of clients and interactive to make their customers engage in the same. We create expressive structural designs combined with the magic of technology to amass massive viewership. We work on minute details to enhance the overall design centered around the brand.

User Journey

Our focus is not only on crafting exhibition spaces but also on offering a great visual treat to visitors in order to engage them for a longer period of time.

We ensure that the whole space of an exhibition is utilized properly by creating proper pathways for our visitors providing ample amount of space for them to walk easily and interact with the different touchpoints and areas by locating them conveniently on the go.

We offer immersive spaces along with experiential technology to better communicate the intended message of the brand. Our spaces are crafted as per the theme and design briefed to us by our clients. We construct the spaces in such a way that customers of our clients are easily able to notice the brand and its messaging evidently.

Creating a scope for Lead Generation:

We assist our clients in data collection by offering them a space where they can pitch their ideas and market their products by welcoming potential leads to their space and collecting their data by engaging them in a holistic experience. Through this data, they are able to gather information about ways in which their leads interact with different touchpoints and areas, as well as their likings and dislikings.

Sustainable Solutions:

Our production capabilities coupled with the experiential technology are able to depict the products or services in an engaging way, which otherwise would have taken a lot of time and hassle.

We are able to offer sustainable exhibitory solutions by reducing pollution which emits by the vehicles involved in transit. With that, we also try to reduce the logistics costs by eliminating the costs involved in shipping and warehousing with a great synergy of technology and exhibition where the whole projection of products or services is stored on a virtual server for reusability.


1. Experiential Design: Smart designs, designs that represent the brand,

2. Spatial Design: User journey, space optimization

3. Sustainable Solutions: Using modular(Bematrix) solutions, leveraging technological solutions boosts logistical savings + Same solution can be reused to recreate experiences again and again (on the show floor and beyond).

4. Experience to experience centers: Whatever we do or propose, we ideate is strategically in such a way that it can help you establish a digital repository and experience center. On the show floor and beyond.


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