Monaco group has become one of the region’s most recognized Interior and Exhibition stand builders. As a result of the group’s long-term commitment to business growth and diversification, we have formed strategic alliances with partners who share the same values across a variety of industry sectors, reflecting the Group’s intimate knowledge of the regional marketplace.

The comprehensive understanding of the local and regional markets ideally places Monaco Group to identify the best business opportunities in the market. The Group’s extensive regional experience and dedication create a solid infrastructure for the development of new strategic alliances and investments with internationally known enterprises. Broadening its scope in line with regional market expansion, Monaco Group is seeking to form partnerships with leading global enterprises.

As a committed business partner, the Group is dedicated to long-term investment, and is consistently focused on opportunities that enable growth and profitability. Monaco Group provides its associates, customers and employees with the highest level of dedication. We know that market advantage can only be maintained through strong partnerships, thus requiring long-term commitment and support.

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