1971 – 2017 A story that spans over 45 years

Montecolino, a leading company in the European arena for the production of flooring and textile coverings, is named after the promontory of the same name on Lake Iseo where its story began in 1971. Due to the lack of available space to expand the business, the company was forced, in 1975, to move to the nearby town of Provaglio d’Iseo which is where building work started on the new premises.

Today, Montecolino occupies premises covering 54.000 m2 in an area of 120.000 m2 and has a production potential of more than 15 million m2 with over 4,000 customers in 30 countries worldwide. The astute use of the most modern productive technologies and research into the most advanced stylistic solutions has made Montecolino the ideal partner for anyone who designs, creates and distributes solutions for interior and exterior design in Italy and the world.


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