Besides the predefined selection, further challenges were defined. Since this question is not necessarily influenced by global effects, the challenges differ from continent to continent and country to country.In Africa, for example, many workers change jobs due to lack of unemployment insurance to ensure their livelihood. As a result, a process that will take years to stabilize the number of employees in the live event industry is expected to continue.On the other hand, employees in Spain are holding on to their jobs because the unemployment market is overloaded, with no prospect of alternative employment.In general, the migration of skilled employees is one of the biggest challenges. But not only employees, also companies and partners might migrate to alternative sectors.Other challenges mentioned are the motivation of the employees and the relief costs, caused by the layoffs due to a decreased number of projects in 2021.

This is part of a very extensive member survey of the IFES. The evaluation is available on the IFES website.

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