VOMO EXPO is a producer and supplier for lightweight exhibition systems.
In addition to modular furniture solutions for trade fairs and events, the main products are various high-quality lightweight wall systems. First and foremost, the lightweight exhibition wall system VOMO SMART. All these produced elements are based on the principle of a sandwich element with a honeycomb paper core, which provides high stability with maximum weight savings.

The VOMO SMART exhibition wall system and its customized derivatives for different customer groups are used worldwide for trade fairs, events, galleries and museums. VOMO EXPO is leading in the field of haptic systems, not only in venues from Munich to Seoul to Las Vegas, but also for exhibition stand builders, gallerists and museums themselves.
The same modularity and lightness are applied to the event furniture series, especially in the BT series 18 & 21 of the U-Table solutions.
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