The former Young IFES, meaning the U40s of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services, had their first committee meeting in June 2019, during the IFES World Summit in Athens. Since then, a team of approx. 30 attendees formed a working group and got together through online and face to face meetings. One of the first ideas was to change the name Young IFES into something more defining, highlighting the meaning of the committee. Therefore, many factors were taken into consideration, like the creation of a vision and mission or the image associated with the name. After long calls and great team effort, the change was made: Young IFES became IFES Talent Team!

ITT’s vision is to become “[…] the most vital and beneficiary international network for young professionals in the event and exhibition industry.”. Together, the mission “[…] is to connect the young professionals in the industry worldwide and have them succeed together by sharing knowledge and innovative ideas”.

The new name is just the first step of a whole concept. ITT is already working on the next milestones to expand the committee and get closer to reaching the vision. New Talents are always welcome. To join ITT only two requirements, have to be met: to be an IFES member and under the age of 40.

During these times, the IFES Talent Team set up a casual online get-together every Wednesday at 3pm CEST. In Finnish they call Wednesday “pikkalauantai” which means “Little Saturday” and it’s a great chance to update each other and get to know members!

Curious? You can find more information on our website and we’re looking forward to meeting you!

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