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IFES Master Class, the IFES education format, was run in Cape Town, Africa for the first time in November 2016. More than 30 participants ranked this program as excellent in their rating and most of them wanted to return to the next event.

The IFES Master Class is a three-day education and networking, specifically designed for marketers, architects, designer and project managers, respon-sible for international exhibitions and events who want to enhance their skills in 3D communications.

“IFES Master Class is a plat- form to exchange knowledge, support networking and enhance professionalism”, says Karla Juegel, Founder & CEO of Messe|Marketing, and chair of IFES Master Class.

The program

The program emphasizes on subjects concerning the entire stand building and exhibition service industry and in addition consists of disciplines that are related to the meeting industry (e.g. trade shows, special events). The total program includes 130 teaching hrs. The participants are able to compose their own program of minimum 100 hrs. corresponding to their own specific interests and needs.

The whole program contains four modules. The participants personally meet during the first session, which lasts five days. They have the opportunity to get to know each other and to establish networking groups. Three additional modules are embedded in an e-learning program, which keeps going for approx. four months. Additionally, the participants work together in joint projects.

A program from Members for Members and their Employees

The IFES Global Exchange Program is a unique learning platform to create new inter-national contacts within the industry. It helps to build relationships with partner firms. Participants will gain new perspectives on Design, Detail-ing, Project Management and Sales.

Attending the GEE Program means “Work in a team environment that will encourage open mindedness, team-work, compromise and skill sharing”. Participants will enjoy work and social cultural experiences, while improving language and work related skills.
And – beside direct costs, participants have to bare, it is free of charge.

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