ISO20121 Training Convoy 4 to start after Summer Break

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ISO 20121, created especially for sustainability within the events industry, is likely to become the sector’s future “license to operate.” Knowing that the implementation can seem rather complex, IFES and fwd. offer a one-year convoy training, providing collaborative opportunities to prepare for certification. Booking has now opened for our fourth Convoy, which will kick off in September or October

Unlock Sustainable Success with ISO 20121 Training!

Join us in revolutionising the events industry with ISO 20121, the premier international management standard tailored specifically for our field. Unlike traditional certifications, ISO 20121 validates not only companies but also individual projects and events, serving as the industry’s future license to operate.

Imagine having tangible proof of your sustainability efforts recognised by financial institutions, governance bodies, clients, and suppliers alike. With ISO 20121, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s integrated into every aspect of your day-to-day operations and events, ensuring long-term value creation and operational excellence.

Continuous Improvement and Growth

But achieving ISO 20121 certification isn’t just about compliance; it’s about setting your organisation on a path of continuous improvement and growth. With the flexibility to define your own scope and the guidance to implement sustainable practices, you’ll not only make a positive impact on the environment but also strengthen your organisation from within.

To help you navigate this transformative journey, we’ve developed a comprehensive training program as a collaboration between IFES and FWD. The program starts with two immersive workshops followed by ten guided sessions over the course of a year, providing step-by-step guidance tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Already launched successfully in Germany, our training program is now expanding internationally, with a planned convoy for Belgium and The Netherlands. Our program is designed to empower companies of any size in the events industry with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

First Come- First Served

Visit ISO 20121 TRAINING – IFES  to learn more about our ISO 20121 training program, watch a recording of our informational webinar, and access additional documentation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference! Be a part of the sustainable future of events and secure your spot today. Register on our website by the end of June – spots are given on a “first-come-first-served” basis!


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