While sustainability may be the license this industry needs to operate in the future; pandemic-impacted IFES SMEs may struggle to run higher cost investments towards sustainability. IFES, together with .fwd  initiated a convoy concept to support the international ISO standard under 20121, providing collaborative training at lower costs.

The initial 8-10 month program is mostly run in on-line sessions consisting of groups of max. ten participants but also offers individual consultation. Two convoys are currently in full swing via consultant 2bdifferent.

The third program will start in early 2024, making use of an internally-developed program devised and delivered by IFES and .fwd in collaboration with GUTcert from the AFNOR Group and the 2bdifferent consultants.

The newly launched ISO 20121 Training Convoy aims to guide industry members through the ISO 20121 certification process using a phased approach. Led by our own ISO 20121 Internal Auditors Dominique Bohler (IFES) and Marko Roscher (.fwd:), the year-long program commences with two three-day workshops and continues to support its participants with 5 additional information and exchange sessions spread throughout the year. Towards the end of the program, an optional internal audit is offered to assess company processes and capacity in preparation for an external third-party audit certifying the event or company.

The IFES/.fwd ISO 20121 program ensures that sustainability education is accessible to all, and will in 2024 be run in English as well as German. Importantly, the training is designed to be easily understandable, catering to professionals at various expertise levels within the Exhibition and Events industry. At the same time, participants gain a unique competitive advantage by implementing a worldwide accredited sustainability management system.

The ISO 20121 certification not only meets the stringent requirements of state and financial institutions but also aligns with the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible practices.

 Course Overview – German

Course Overview – English

 Course application form – German

Course application form – English

If you are interested to become part of the ISO 20121 training yourself, please contact Dominique Bohler from our office for additional information ([email protected]).


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