From TradeFairs International 2/2016

introIFES announced today that it is premiering “10 Minutes With…” a new video interview series designed to bring valuable information to exhibiting and exhibit building companies around the world. Each video in the series will explore the challenges of designing, producing content and exhibiting in highlighted countries and regions across the globe.

“These videos deal specifically with the important things to know about the dynamics, potential conflicts and essential knowledge companies need in order to participate in exhibitions and events outside their domestic geographic location, “says Cam Stevens, Chair of the IFES Education Committee. “Experts will share their tips and advice for navigating specific locations where culture, regulations and customary practices need to be carefully understood.”

The “Ten Minutes With…” video series is free to watch, part of an IFES Education Committee initiative, designed to showcase the power of international collaboration and knowledge sharing prevalent among the IFES community. The first videos in the series are now available online and feature experts from Turkey, Canada, and Japan.

IFES is the International Federation of Exhibition and Event services. The federation has been active since 1985. IFES helps its members to better serve their clients who exhibit internationally. In an industry of constant change and development geographically, IFES provides professionals with a network dedicated to helping them face new challenges and acquire new business.

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