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Combining young creative ideas with the power of experience.

It will be up to the next generation of industry professionals to take our industry forward. The Talent Team is a group for the under 40’s young talent working within our sector – a solutions-driven hub for knowledge sharing, collaboration and brainstorming.

Let’s put our heads together to resolve the common issues we face globally, share best practice and to highlight new innovations and the ever-changing requirements of the market.

Together, the goal is to bring fresh wind to the industry, make a valuable impact on the association and inspire long established company leaders to meet customer needs optimally.


Committee Objectives

  • To encourage the input of young talent within the IFES Association.
  • To attract young skills into the sector to redress skills shortages.
  • To promote knowledge sharing and cross-learning within the under-40’s industry segment.
  • To harness creative energy and innovation to enhance the way the industry operates.
  • To safeguard the future of the Exhibitions and Events industry by increasing awareness and appeal of the industry amongst the youth.
  • Develop Staff Exchange programmes to fast track experience and build knowledge.

Our purpose

IFES Talent Team’s mission is to connect young industry professionals worldwide and have them succeed together by sharing knowledge and innovative ideas.

So what can YOU do?

  • Encourage participation from the younger generation working within your environment.
  • Contribute to the longevity of our industry through meaningful input.

Our Talent Team Roadmap

At the IFES World Summit (2022) it was decided that the Talent Team is a vital and beneficial component of the IFES global engagement and that a new Talent Team Committee would be elected to carry this initiative – originally begun as YIFES in 2019 – forward as a beneficial international network for young professionals working in the event and exhibition industry.

  • There was a great deal of interest amongst members, who were keen to dedicate their energies to driving the Talent Team.
  • Members want to rebuild the industry, by attracting new young talent to redress the losses caused by the pandemic.
  • It is imperative to have younger industry members contribute to the IFES vision and give meaningful input into the future of the industry,
  • The Talent Team would continue to meet on a quarterly basis and create a WhatsApp group for ongoing engagement.
  • Wherever possible, IFES platforms will be utilised to create awareness of the Group and give feedback on progress.

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