For whom is a trade fair organized? The answer is clear: a trade show is always organized for visitors. The success of a trade fair, therefore, depends on satisfied visitors. How is this achieved? Data is the currency of our time. The better the trade fair visitor is understood, the more specific and convincing the offer becomes for him.

The guiding principle of the dimedis software solution “FairMate Platform” is knowing your customers’ data best. At various points in the customer journey, relevant data is collected and the result is AI-based recommendations for trade fair visitors, matchmaking and lead tracking individually tailored to the respective person.

Along the onsite and offsite Customer Journey, the software collects data about the visitor based on their ticketing and registration process, their search behaviour in the exhibitor, product, and event database, and their real-time behaviour at the show. The system learns from the alignment of the data and plays recommendations to the visitor based on his goals and needs of his individual trade show visit, independent of the end device.

The FairMate platform is a white label software solution & service from dimedis GmbH, which combines ticket and visitor management, exhibitor, product, and event database as well as indoor navigation/positioning under a uniform core.

And now the question for you: How well do you know your trade fair visitors?

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