Dates | Submissions
The deadline for the complete entries is 11 November 2022. Please note that the entry must be submitted in English

1. Step | Participation fee:
– IFES members per submission: 100,-EUR
– Non-IFES Member per submission: 300,- EUR
– Students/trainees: 50,- EUR

2. Step | Showcase fee for Nominees / Winners:
Award winners (except students/trainees) pay an additional showcase fee of 1,000 EUR (for members) and 1,500 EUR (for non-members) for publication + presentation purposes (E.G. EuroShop, Worldview, Social Media, …)

The prize winners will receive within their participation:
– A presentation in IFES Worldview, the association’s magazine with international appeal.
– Presentation within the IFES Global Village at EuroShop 2023; Exhibitor Live 2023, other IFES events.
– Participation in the award ceremony.
– Presentation on the IFES website, social media channels.
– PR awareness

In general, the direct financial impact for the winner is worth more than 10.000 EUR. But there will be no prize money donated.

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