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IFES Study trip to the Astana Expo with very personal guided tours, a trip through Astana and exciting events in three days: the IFES program in Astana was well filled. Not to forget the fantastic, unforgettable Post-Thrilling tour over the Silk Road. Photos of our delegation participants can be found at the link below:

Thrilling Post Tour
19-25 August, 2017

Astana • Tashkent • Samarkand • Bukhara • Tashkent

A journey along the Silk Road reveals arching blue-tiled mosques, tall minarets constructed of baked mud brick woven into fabulous patterns, beautiful green mountains, desert vistas and a warm and heartfelt reception along the way. Admire the fantastic carpets and crafts as you meet local people in the bazaar, experience traditional Central Asian music and dance, and
learn more about a region whose growing importance makes it even more significant now than when it was at the center of the great trade routes.

Overview Daily Itinerary

Day 1 Depart Astana • Air to Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Day 2 Tashkent • drive to Samarkand
Day 3 Samarkand Day
Day 4 Samarkand • drive to Bukhara
Day 5 Bukhara Day
Day 6 Bukhara • Air tor Train to Tashkent
Day 7 Individual Depart Tashkent

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