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Backstage Report, 26th June 2015

The Austrian Television Corporation ORF got one year of preparation for the biggest TV-Event worldwide after the victory of the Austrian singer Conchita Wurst at last year’s contest in Copenhagen.

An ORF presentation will take us behind-the-scenes of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 (ESC) in Vienna – from the preparations to the finals on May 23rd. This presentation will be one of the main contributions at the IFES World Summit 2015 in Vienna.

The presenter Hildegard Aichberger is the ORF manager responsible for the realization of the ESC 2015 as a Green Event.

Responsible for the ESC stage are three highly decorated top professionals of the industry: Florian Wieder (Creative Producer and Production Designer), Al Gurdon (Lighting Designer) and Kurt Pongratz (Director of the Directors Team / Senior Producer). With the motto “Building Bridges” this ORF Creative Leading Team will present this spectacular world largest TV event as Eurovision-Show from Vienna to an audience of more than 200 Mio. in 40 countries.

This large two-week event requires a large event team of experienced and proven live-marketing specialists. Under the direction of Pius Strobl this team has an 8-months period for planning, development and realization and takes the responsibility for all the infrastructure of the Eurovision Song Contest: Side events, Eurovision village, public viewing, hospitality, press center for national and international journalists, accreditation, security, logistic, traffic concept, shuttles, thousands of volunteers and much more.

The location of the ESC 2015, the “Wiener Stadthalle”, is one of the 10 largest European event centers and is offering 100% entertainment: more than 300 events and 1 mio national and international visitors annually, all in six separate or combinable halls for over 16.000 visitors.

Over 100.000 tickets come up for sale for a total of nine shows at the ESC 2015 – two semi-finals (19th and 21st of May), the final on May 23rd, as well as a show for the Jury and a Family-Show.

Thousands of other visitors from Austria and abroad are expected to join the side events like Eurovision Village at the Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square) and other Public Viewing Events.

This historically largest TV-Entertainment-Event will affect many areas of the city of Vienna. The City of Vienna has come to a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to assist ORF in all aspects.

For us as IFES community this collaboration with ORF – the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation – is most important and pleasing because both – the ESC as well as the IFES Summit 2015 – will be organized according to the Austrian Ecolabel “Green Meetings & Green Events”.

We as IFES are very grateful to the whole ORF-Eurovision Song-Contest-Team for this marvellous cooperation. The ORF presentation on our IFES World Summit stage is a singular opportunity for our members and Live-Marketing specialists from over 40 countries to get a close insight into the organization and realization of such a large “green” event.


Sustainability in the Event Industry – How to match ephemeral productions and long lasting improvements

Gabriela Künzli, e-Senses SARL
The workshop provides an overview of tools and skills that helps professionals to manage and work out events and exhibition stands in a more sustainable way.

INSPIRED BY NATURE – What you can learn from nature for your business A selection of materials with a strong link with nature

Elodie Ternaux, Chez facile* design
Nature could teach us a lot if we observed it more carefully. This lecture will feature a collection of inspirational materials and technologies inspired by nature: from clever honeycombs to lotus leaves effect paints to glues inspired by mussel adhesive properties to burdock becoming hook and loop fasteners.

Doing business in Latin America? How to choose a contractor

Alejandro Escalante, OMEGA GROUP

SAAS – Stand As A Service. Why exhibitors will choose to dematerialize their stand?

Philippe Beille, Duo Display

Tradeshow has a bright future as the place where people meet and connect. Exhibitors expect a stand at a fair price with a strong impact and differentiation. And now as HSBC says, « in the future, even the smallest business will be multinational », so exhibitors expectations is valid for everywhere in the world. Dematerialization is a key strategy for tomorrow’s tradeshow. 

Let’s redefine the way we think about our offer.

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