The face of your company, as an exhibit supplier, extends beyond the owners and sales people who promote and support the international abilities that you as an exhibit supplier offers.
Today, our customers (exhibitors) engage with the different levels of expertise on your sales
team when preparing for a trade show. Designers, Account Managers, Project Managers, and
I&D Supervisors all play a role when helping your customers at an international trade show.

As a world organization, IFES recognizes this need and is providing the needed training and
awareness to assist the multi levels within your company to support the clients you serve.

The session will focus on the major international differences for planning your exhibit design in
the key expo regions. The session will also touch on the sales tactic differences for the
exhibitor, and exhibit suppliers as well. This session will give your team an opportunity to meet
other exhibit supplier project managers and designers from around the world to share and to
form relationships that will help you to help your customer more effectively.
December is a slow trade show time of year, so plan to invigorate and reward your team of staff
experts with this international training session for three days in beautiful Rotterdam. Easy to
reach by train from the Amsterdam Airport.

IFES MasterClass 2019, 01 – 03 December in Rotterdam. More information – Registration – Contact

Don’t miss your chance to: return highly motivated, understand how important attitude is for a long term relationship with your customers, know how to change a prospect into a customer, return with an global network which helps yourself to run international project more successful.

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