Sales Techniques for client-facing exhibit industry professionals.

If you know how our clients take their buying decision …. you know how to stimulate them to do that in your favour!

In these day where clients and budget holders experience increased pressure to realize their company growth goals the importance of good sales people is becoming bigger and bigger.

Just telling people what you do is no longer doing the trick anymore. Many skills like Authenticity needs to be part of the sales toolbox.

So what MasterClass 2019 will be is a state of the art selling course, showing market trends helping to master your presentation skills.

A “Don’t miss” is “What predator birds tell about our commercial presence…” have your mobiles charged and the flash empty.

Where do we do that?

The Netherlands is much more than Amsterdam. The port city of Rotterdam is full of diversity: the artistic quarter, green oases of tranquility and a lot of liveliness.
It fits perfectly in the “Sharing Knowledge” on selling our projects itself and also our industry as a way to achieve your company goals.

Who should attend

We call upon all colleagues who are in direct contact with clients as

  • Sales managers (and sales directors)
  • Project managers
  • Designers
  • Owners of exhibition

Presenting sounds so easy …. and if done right it is!
Learn the tricks of the trade…

What MasterClass participants said last time:

“I’ve learned a lot about sales process, new sales techniques, marketing, helped better my presentation skills and it’s also been a great opportunity for me to see old friends, meet new friends, see new faces.”

Paco Collazo,
Exhibit and Event Designer and Produce, Sistemas de Exposicion Mexico

“I got to meet a lot of people but most of all I got to get new insights in sales, how to tackle problems and facing them today… and I had this amazing bird experience, that I still can’t explain.”

Flo Daelemans,
International Sales Manager at Aluvision
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