As a full-service provider of live communication, Holtmann+ is pleased to be represented in the common area of the IFES at EuroShop 2023.

We are proud to be part of the Global Village, which creates an international space for industry representatives from all over the world. Being part of it gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with both customers and like-minded people in the industry about the big points of our time – sustainability, digitization and innovation. We want to build and expand collaborations and networks in order to develop a common way to serve the drivers of the next generation in the near future.

The DNA of Holtmann+ is our employees. At EuroShop 2023 we want to highlight the wide variety of fields of expertise: from consultants to strategists, storytellers, architects, communication designers to digital experts, project managers, designers and many more. They enable the 360-degree support for our customers. We want to bring together our competencies in such a way that the benefits for our customers are maximized. The special combination of generalists and specialists is our Plus.

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