Exhibitions, events, congresses… and love above all is what you will find at 4foreverything and IFES Blockparty!

  Does your heart beat faster when you think about organizing a congress with a thousand exhibitors?
  Doesn’t your hair stand on end when you talk about carpets?
  Do your senses come alive when you can smell freshly cut wood?
  Isn’t rigging the sexiest word of all?

If the answer is yes, then you are an exhibition enthusiast. That’s why you mustn’t miss the EXHIBITION LOVE PARTY by 4foreverything and IFES at EUROSHOP on 18 February!

Come and visit us and discover what true exhibition love is, while enjoying our fabulous “typical Spanish” catering, great music and many other surprises!

The party starts at 18:00h. Do not be late, we will be waiting for you.