EXHIBITOR magazine, the award-winning leader in trade show and corporate event marketing education, has released the results of its 2018 Travel and Accommodations Survey. According to those results, face-to-face marketers spend an average of nearly seven weeks per year traveling to trade shows and corporate events in cities across the globe. The survey, which queried nearly 200 exhibit and event professionals, sought to determine what cities those marketers are frequenting, as well as which are among their favorite business-travel destinations.

“Not surprisingly, the most popular cities for trade show- and event-related travel include Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, New Orleans, and Washington, DC,” said Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR. “But when asked what about their favorite cities to visit for exhibitions and corporate events, respondents added San Diego, Nashville, San Francisco, Boston, and Austin, TX, to the aforementioned hot spots.”

The 20 most popular trade show and event destinations, as well as the 20 cities cited most frequently as favorite business-travel destinations, are ranked below, based on respondents’ input.

Most Popular Cities for Trade Shows and Corporate Events
1. Las Vegas
2. Orlando, FL
3. Chicago
4. New Orleans
5. Washington, DC
6. San Diego
7. Atlanta
8. Dallas
9. Anaheim, CA
10. New York
11. San Francisco
12. Nashville, TN
13. Denver
14. Austin, TX
15. Houston
16. Boston
17. Los Angeles
18. Phoenix
19. San Antonio
20. Philadelphia
Exhibit and Event Professionals’ Favorite Cities for Trade Shows and Events
1. Las Vegas
2. San Diego
3. New Orleans
4. Chicago
5. Nashville, TN
6. San Francisco
7. Orlando, FL
8. Boston
9. Washington, DC
10. Austin, TX
11. Seattle
12. Anaheim, CA
13. Denver
14. Honolulu
15. New York
16. San Antonio
17. Miami
18. Long Beach, CA
19. Fort Lauderdale, FL
20. Dallas
Full results from the 2018 Travel and Accommodations Survey will be published in the November issue of EXHIBITOR magazine, and are online now at: www.ExhibitorOnline.com/topics/article.asp?ID=2677

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