On the 15th of January this year we had an extraordinary pleasure to host a conference ExpoSfera 2024 – with you, about you, for you! It was directed towards the event branch from Greater Poland and took place in Poznań – in the heart of Polish trade industry. Whoever had the opportunity to visit Poznań International Fair surely recalls the liveliness and vivacity of the event branch here!

The attendees had the space and possibility to exchange knowledge and experiences within the tightly-knit community, making new and strengthening the existing bonds. Lots of creative ideas and thoughts about the future of the industry were shared, giving a valuable insight into innovative creations and what awaits us. Meeting all the participants in person allowed for a deeper understanding of the joys and sorrows of the event industry to better cater to their needs and expectations. We are extremely grateful for the inspiration and fresh energy, motivating us in our work!

ExpoSfera 2024 provided a unique platform to stay at the forefront of industry trends, empowering to drive innovation and success in the upcoming endeavors. The debated topics – such as ecology, the budgeting discrepancy between marketing companies and the event companies, the disproportionate expansion of the event branch to the exhibitors’ expectations, the predictions about the events existing in the sphere of virtual reality – touch upon the sensibilities not only of this industry branch in Poland but speak to everyone whose heart is beating to the rhythm of events!

The speakers – experts in their respective fields – gave comprehensive mini-lectures about ecological sustainability, company succession, cybersecurity and the economic and ecological benefits of co-sharing the loading space. We had a great pleasure to have another IFES member on board as a speaker – Michał Górski, the founder of SQM. He shed a light on his own journey towards European and cross-continental expansion, how to navigate and celebrate cultural differences, as well as he highlighted their instrumental role in the creation of the stand to meet client’s and target audience’s expectations.

ExpoSfera 2024 remains in our consciousness as a remarkable and insightful event – we cannot wait for the next edition!