Expo Centric started its journey back in 2009 with the aim of changing the face of exhibition design and build. With just a laptop and phone Expo Centric has grown to now be one of the largest and most experienced players in the exhibition space with a state of the art manufacturing 30,000 cubic meter industrial facility in Rydalmere.


 “It’s been a truly humbling and incredible journey from starting a business from the spare room to changing the way a whole industry operates in just 10 years.”

Stan Kruss.


During the growth stage of Expo Centric Stan Kruss, founder and owner of Expo Centric, ventured on to the television show Shark Tank. Armed with enthusiasm and his usual forceful spirit, he braced himself to ask for an investment of $2million to finance a quantum expansion of Expo Centric throughout Australia.


One shark tank investor, Steve Baxter (the self-made millionaire of IT background) stepped up, offering the $2million if Stan would float Expo Centric on the Australian Stock Exchange. It was the largest offer made by an Australian Shark to date. A public float wasn’t in Stan’s plans for Expo Centric, so he rejected the offer causing a media frenzy.

The hype surrounding Stan’s bold decision on Shark Tank helped promote the company’s name and made many new potential clients aware of the benefits of working with Expo Centric. Expo Centric has now has grown to be far more than an exhibition company, they build retail stores and displays, manage events and create digital content.


Over the last decade Expo Centric has revolutionised the exhibition landscape by moving from building stands out of MDF to eco-friendly solution. Now Expo Centric’s trail blazing path has been adopted by most competitors as gold stand in exhibitions.


The introduction of modular designs and eco-friendliness into exhibition builds allowed Expo Centric to grow exponentially in an already saturated market, winning them major brands and big projects.


Over the last decade Expo Centric has worked with over a 100 blue chip companies including: Samsung, Panasonic, Volvo, Laminex, Mercedes, GE, Simplot GWF, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis & Tab Corp. Major brands are choosing Expocentric as their stand designer and builder of choice.


Key facts in figures:

  • Expo Centric’s trucks have crossed the Nullarbor = +120 times
  • Number of countries Expo Centric have worked in = 13
  • Best stand design award won = 35+
  • Number of staff employed in the last 10 years = 263
  • SQM of exhibition stands built = 80,000 sqm
  • BRW Fast 100 award = 2014


Early adaptation of technology has allowed Expo Centric to stay ahead of the game. Expo Centric was the first company to use Hologram technology in the Australian Exhibition space first with Holo Cube and then with Hypervsn.


“Expo Centric has become an event partner of choice by the NSW, NT & Tasmanian Governments. These stands have always been close to my heart as they provide the opportunity to show off their latest inventions and ideas with the support of their respective state governments.


What is special to me is the long term partnerships we have with some clients who have put faith we were just finding our feet, Paccar Australia is one that comes to mind. When we won the first contract in 2013 their stand was 5 times bigger than anything we had built at that point and bigger than our factory at the time.


It’s amazing just to think about the amazing opportunities and clients we have had over the last decade. It’s a real privilege and honor to be trusted by so many companies to create and execute their experiential market requirements. We have been involved in thousands of product launches over the last decade but what is really special is when you get to be involved in a launch of a whole company in the Australian market, we have been incredibly lucky to do this with Tesla, Infinity and Victoria’s Secret.”

Stan Kruss.


These astonishing achievements over the past 10 years did not come easy, but were a result of Expo Centric’s team commitment, hard work and the successful business relationships with clients and suppliers.


“Our success has been our staff. Without our incredibly talented 3D and 2D designers, project managers, cabinet maker, carpenters and installers none of our success would have been possible.”

Stan Kruss.


Stan Kruss’s achievements during the last 10 years:

  • Anthill 30 under 30 Winner / for innovation in Australia
  • SmartCompanySmart 30 Under 30 / for young Australian entrepreneurs


The next decade is multifaceted for Expo Centric, inwardly they are focused continuing on their goal to be the most eco-friendly company in the industry, lean manufacturing and staff ownership. Outwardly, they are focused on increasing their market share in the exhibition space, retail & events, while expanding their manufacturing facilities to other cities in Australia; potentially globally.