ABS Group, the trailblazer in sublimation printing on large-format fabrics industry for exhibitions and visual communication, continues to invest in new technologies.

After purchasing the Rhotex 500, Durst Phototechnik’s exclusive 5-metre printer for soft signage (www.durst-group.com), the company has also installed a new calender manufactured by Monti Antonio(www.montiantonio.com) for sublimation, thus completing the production process for large-format fabrics.

It is a genuine milestone, which the ABS Group has achieved to constantly expand its offer and services to its customers, and to optimize work processes.

The implementation of these machines for the 5-metre format allows a production capacity of 600 sqm per hour to be reached, thus guaranteeing not only speed but also precision and reliability.

In a market with an increasing demand for fabric over plastic materials – as they are more versatile, eco-sustainable and with a flawless colour rendering – through its strategic choices of recent years, the ABS Group is confirmed at the forefront in meeting all large-format communication needs.