Storage problems a thing of the past
SYMA-XWALL 60flex eliminates storage problems and the familiar complications that can arise with frames that are rigid, bulky and require large amounts of space. This allows large storage and transport volumes to be reduced. With SYMA-XWALL 60flex disassembling frames and assembling them again in new ways is child’s play. Even oversize frames can be realized and easily transported.

Benefits of modular system enhanced even more
The advanced design of SYMA-XWALL 60flex’s profile technology allows the construction of quick and efficient exhibition structures with appearances that perfectly suit individual needs. The frames can be covered on both sides with a wide variety of materials. The corner connectors come in two different designs, with either the bolt lock or the new and high-efficiency compact lock. The customer chooses how the system is used based entirely on his specific needs.

Ingenious mechanics: bolt and compact locks
The corner connector with bolt lock is compatible with other systems and is perfect for expanding the SYMA-XWALL 60flex frame. With its ingenious mechanism, the top of the line is the corner connector with the compact lock. The frame’s individual parts can be assembled as you like into new and individual dimensions to suit your needs. Another great thing about SYMA-XWALL 60flex is its accessories, which were designed for all your trade fair, exhibition and shop construction needs. All existing accessories can continue to be used without any restrictions. SYMA-XWALL is the all-rounder.