Hybrid events have reached a new level in event evolution. Eye level, interaction, simultaneity and flexibility are key features of the new hybrid events. Analog and digital communication merge into a highly dynamic unit resulting in communication fireworks.

The experiences gained from a large number of hybrid and digital events, which differ in target group size, objectives and format, were discussed in four focus groups and evaluated and brought together in a qualitative content analysis.

The result is six success factors. The concrete implementation must always focus on the event objectives and the target groups. A central component here is the topic area of “participation, interaction and co-creation”. The involvement of participants on site and in the digital space creates emotional experiences. This is especially the case when content is adapted to the needs of the target groups and participants and directly addressed. This creates real added value for all participants. In short, content is king – before, during and after the event.

The whitepaper can be downloaded here